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Customer Profiling Intelligence

In the Big Data era, marketers struggle to capture, analyze and utilize the right amount of customer data in order to maximize the relevancy and impact of marketing offers and campaigns. Our Analytics and Insight team will help identify the Right Data, that will provide valuable insights and allow marketers to improve customer engagement, conversion and loyalty and maximize their ROI.
From data analysis and predictive modelling to measurement and reporting, our team of experts will perform in-depth analysis of your customer data and provide recommendations that will be most impactful to your business.

Customer Profiling Intelligence

Profiling Intelligence analyzes various data points against predefined set of attributes that describe a group of people within predefined geography. There are two types of profiling available:

  • Consumer profiling, focusing on profiling existing customers
  • Trade area analysis, focusing on profiling a set geography
Why is Profiling Intelligence important?

Customer Profiling Intelligence provides detailed insights into consumer lifestyle, behaviour, shopping habits, transaction patterns, socio-demographic attributes. Using all of the available attributes, profiling paints a picture of what consumer looks like. 
It allows targeting of potential prospects using same,
high scoring segments as the best existing customers. Profiling Intelligence also allows the marketer to analyze set locations/stores and the surrounding areas to provide insights on type of segments living in close proximity of the store location.

Where is Profiling Intelligence used?

Profiling Intelligence can be used as a solution for a number of processes.

  • Existing customer profiling; providing detailed insights
  • Prospect analysis/target segments selection
  • Location analysis; to establish new store locations
  • ROI analysis to measure the success of a campaign

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